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In what cities does Hotlets buy and sell homes? 

Hotlets is currently buying and selling homes in the following cities and surrounding areas:

-Fort Lauderdale

-Boca Raton

-Pompano Beach

-Boyton Beach

-Deerfield Beach


-Miami Beach

If you don't live in one of our service areas, just request a quote through the home page hotlets.com by entering your addresss and following the steps. We will let you know when we will  be launching in your area. 


How long is an offer from Hotlets valid for?

Our offer is valid for 7 calendar days. If your offer expired, just let us know and we will update your offer.


How does Hotlets work?

At Hotlets, we provide a simplified some sale and purchase experience. We offer a fair market value for your home and provide service from offer to closing.

Our offer is backed by deep dive analytics, recent nearby sales and the most current market data. Our offer comes with no obligation. You can walk away if you are not satisfied with the offer. 

We allow sellers to skip the work and move on while we are handling the repairs. We aim to keep our fees low and we are always looking to pass savings on to our customers. If a seller isn’t happy with their offer, they can walk away at any time.

We take on maintenance, make repairs and find a buyer. Our motto is to help every homeowner to move the minute they’re ready. 

If you have more questions, get it touch with us at hello@hotlets.com or via our contact page.